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Syndicate Lenders is a boutique, business lending company. Our funding programs can be the catalyst for your business growth and sustainability. We are not just giving you money, we are providing you with business solutions.

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The #1 Source For Small Business Loans

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Hungry, decisive, business owners, who are forward thinking, creative, and ready to win!! Our ideal client is able to identify problems and apply creative business solutions, so they can increase efficiency, skyrocket sales, and maintain their competitive edge. They have a sense of urgency and recognize that business opportunities are fleeting.

They are the innovators who recognize that special deals, purchase programs, ground-breaking equipment, and first-in-market opportunities will not last forever. Further, they are willing to take calculated risks to get the funding they need to catapult their sales and dominate their industries.


We Have Funded Over 25 Million Dollars In Small Businesses



My business was landing so many big jobs and we couldn't fulfill them. I maxed out my credit cards and I was always opposed to business loans. However, I gave them a shot, got funded to buy materials, vehicles, and equipment. I then executed my biggest job.

Carlos G. Odessa, Texas

Syndicate lenders gave me a chance to upgrade my kitchen equipment. New equipment helped my staff get the meals out quicker and serve more patrons. Since getting funded, I decreased waiting time for my patrons, expanded my menu, and made more money.

Angela P. Floral Park, NY

Semir and Syndicate Lenders helped me expand my new beauty product line which was in high demand. Before that, I couldn't keep up with the demand. Their funding allowed me to take advantage of a once in a lifetime deal that my vendor was offering me. I got funded within days of sending in my application. That deal helped me create a huge mark up!

Christian V Encinitas CA.

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